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NERO Audio is an Austrian / German Co-Project and was born out of a project which we documented in the Pinkfishmedia Forum. End of 2011 we started to improve our old Nytech Amplifiers.

Our target was to modernise some old Nytech Kits. Now it seems, that we bring back the old Nytech Amplifier CPA 602 in a modernised version.


After some detective work we also found original Spare parts for ARC Loudspeakers and the orginal technical documentation from these Loudspeakers from Manchester. With this information, it is now possible to bring back new ARC Loudspeakers.


If you are interested in a repair service for your old ARC Speakers, new passive XOvers or more information , please contact us on our email.


We'll place further information about classic ARC - Speakers
and our projects soon. Stay tuned .....




Welcome to NERO Audio

 Ressurected ARC 050 & ARC 102